What People Say

See what local parents have to say about Music Together® classes:

"Thank you so much Sonja! We have REALLY enjoyed our time in your classes. I've seen Casey go from saying very few words to having lengthy conversations, with me and his toys ;) I attribute much of that to music class. He has also become quite the singer."

K. Scolardi, Colorado Springs

"We had a great time with everyone and will be singing the music for a long time. Although Julia was more of an observer than a participator in class, she knows the words and motions to most of the songs and wants me to play the CD when we are in the car together...I know she was enriched by the time in music class and especially by seeing/watching the others."

L. Sudduth, Colorado Springs

"We listen to Music Together CDs in the car every day, and Dori has been asking since last year if we could please go to Music Together again so she could sing and dance and make music. When she heard that you were opening up classes starting in the winter, she said, "I am so excited Mommy, I don't think I can wait!!!" I couldn't agree more! Over the last 9 years I have taken a number of different music classes with my older children. I found Music Together to be far more musically educational, supportive of varying levels of development and just plain more fun than any other of the music classes available to young children."

M. Peloso, Colorado Springs

"My son Levi and I started Music Together when he was 9 months. He's now almost 3 and we still listen to the CDs daily. It's been so fun to see him grow up with the music from crawling and cooing to singing and dancing; it really is a class for all ages!"

S. Lapides, Colorado Springs

"We love Music Together. I like that it is a full body experience of music with an emphasis on movement and grown up participation and modeling for our little ones. It is a fun easy way to bring the joy of music into our lives all of the time. From the class to the car to our living room Harper has learned so much! I can see his enthusiasm and enjoyment in every clap, every smile, and each experiment with an instrument."

T. Surratt, Colorado Springs

"Music Together is a great family activity that we all look forward to every week and has brought enjoyable, child-centered music into our home life. Our daughter asks to listen to the Music Together CDs at home all the time and likes to sing along and do the movements to the songs that she has learned from class. She loves listening to the CDs in the car and best yet, when she's cranky all we have to do is put on some music and right away her mood improves! And we were delighted to discover that if she's fussing during a diaper change we sing one of her favorite songs and pretty soon she is laughing, singing and cooperating! Music Together has been a wonderful, enriching experience for our family, one we intend to continue doing for a long time!"

the Entwisle/Dabroski family